The most important Chinese Medicine energetic syndromes that cause fat to accumulate in the body

Deficiency of Spleen Qi

Qi corresponds to the functions of an organ. In Chinese Medicine the Spleen is responsible for the transformations of the food process. If the spleen is weakened, the digestive moisture will be deficient, food accumulates and becomes mucus. In this situation, even if the food is correct you can acquire excess weight

Main causes of Spleen deficiency:
• Eating disorders such as excessive sweets and carbonated drinks
• Excessive intellectual work, Concerns
• Lack of physical activity
• Severe or chronic illness (weight gain in women is more frequent)

Treatment principle: Reinforce the Spleen.

Deficiency of the Kidneys Yang

Yang also corresponds to the functions of each organ and has the capacity to warm the organism. In Chinese Medicine the kidneys have the task of "governing water". This means that it allows the assimilation of physiological fluids by transforming and transporting them in order to feed and humidify all the tissues of the body. If the kidneys are deficient the organic liquids stagnate and later they are concentrated in mucus, which will give rise to the excess weight.

Main causes of Yang Kidney Deficiency (Kidney weakening):
- Aging
- The use of certain medicines, excess of sexual activity.
- Constitutional weakness, serious and chronic illness.
- Responsible for weight gain in the period of menopause or andropause

Treatment principle: Tone the Kidneys

Stagnation of Liver Qi

The function of this organ is to promote the fluid circulation of Qi, blood, liquids and emotions. The Liver loses its ability to improve the circulation of the physiological fluids in the body that accumulate, which condense and become mucus, usually induces a weakening of the Spleen which consequently increases the formation of mucus. It is an overweight that has emotional origins, usually people suffering from this symptom have a compulsive desire for sweets (sugar serves as an antidepressant).

Main causes of Stagnant Liver Qi:
- Very strong emotional stress
- Frustration
- Humiliation / Bitterness
- Feeling of injustice and anger

Treatment principle: Regulate the Liver (decrease the causes of stress, anxiety, anger and frustration).

Posted by Dr. João Carrilho

Dr. João Carrilho
Doctor in Traditional Chinese Medicine by Southwest Medical University, China.
Licensed Acupuncturist (N.0500096) and Phytotherapist (N.0400028) by the Portuguese Health Ministry.
Post-Graduated in Health Sciences at Oporto University, Portugal

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